Forensic DOOH campaign analysis

Independent data driven decision making for DOOH

What we do


Thorndyke works with major verification vendors to independently report on campaign performance


Accurate time of day and day of week reports.
Centralized media owner placement and exposure reporting.


Log level data to power your own dashboard to combine financial data with measurement data.


Measure consumer exposure by time by site placement

Who we work with

Thorndyke works alongside major verification & DOOH players

Data visualization

  • Visualize Site Placements in real time
  • Campaign results mapped in real time
  • Heat maps, location pins plotted using Google Maps

Media Owner Analysis

  • Media owner site analysis
  • Booked, delivered vs bonus
  • Immediately identify delivery issues by media owner
  • One tag across multiple media owners
  • Real time measurement
  • Independent JavaScript loaded into site panels
  • Works with verification company tags


Inspired by the famous British detective who took a forensic approach to his work, Thorndyke AI helps brands and advertisers better understand their investment into DOOH.

Thorndyke is a global company headquartered out of Sydney, Australia.

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