Forensic DOOH verification and analytics

thorndyke is the leading independent 3rd party DOOH verification provider for brands, agencies and media owners.

thorndyke provides best in class, trusted and authentic measurement that provides impartial and actionable campaign insights. With embedded agency and media owner clients, thorndyke delivers a 360 degree view of DOOH performance.

Backed by a team of AdTech professionals with a track record of success in verification and ad technology, thorndyke offers the most reliable and scalable solution.

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our advantage why thorndyke?

OOH has a huge opportunity in the coming decade to provide a marketer access to audiences that, due to pay walls and ad free subscription platforms, are becoming harder to reach through online, radio and TV. However the macro challenge in OOH today is independent measurement. With DOOH being one of the last digital mediums to be measured, the analytics and insights should stand up to those of digital. And for true verification, those metrics should be collected independently, in the player in real time.

DOOH Verification

DOOH Verification

Independent 3rd party verification - not from a log file

Media Owner Diagnostics

Media Owner Diagnostics

Centralize and verify all DOOH activity. Easy tag management

3rd Party Ad Serving

3rd Party Ad Serving

Independent coverage & insight across all campaigns

Programmatic pDOOH

Programmatic pDOOH

Verify programmatic pDOOH campaigns across TTD, Vistar & Yahoo!

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Independent 3rd Party Measurement

In the digital world, ad serving and verification provide brands and agencies with independent measurement. 3rd party measurement has been de facto in digital advertising for as long as there's been website selling banners. Digital buyers have always had multiple independent measurement options available to them. And in todays world where the advertising ecosystem is driving towards transparency, DOOH shouldn’t be any different. Growing the DOOH market means universal measurement across every campaign. It means delivering advertisers measurement and insights collected by an impartial 3rd party. thorndyke is makes this a reality today.

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thorndyke is your independent verification partner for all DOOH campaigns

The team at thorndyke has years of experience building ad technology and verification products. And we’ve delivered solutions that solve problems in unique and challenging environments including native and mobile in-app. We love measurement, but more than that, building products that deliver empirical, evidence based metrics that help buyers make better buying decisions.

Our products deliver complete coverage & insight, that’s independent and reliable. thorndyke is your robust measurement partner for DOOH.

We are committed to minimising our carbon footprint, using renewable energy, minimising waste and doing our best as individuals.

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