DOOH verification

With verification, DOOH is finally able to stand up to independent scrutiny as a digital platform that is supported with robust measurement. OOH is free from some of the issues that have plagued digital advertising over the last decade; brand safety, fraud and viewability are less complex in DOOH. What’s been missing to date has been verifiable results delivered by an independent source - and that’s changing with thorndyke verification.

Thorndyke verification allows plays and impressions to be reported on independently; the right screen and package, at the right time and day of the week in the right area. thorndyke uses a proprietary solution in making this determination from inside the player and ad session in real time. No log files.

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thorndyke is your independent verification partner for all DOOH campaigns

Now is the time we should be pouncing on the digital planner/buyers with the big budgets - there’s no click or impression fraud, there’s no brand safety issues, there aren’t ad blockers and subscription models where ads are filtered out.

The macro challenge in OOH right now is measurement - independent measurement. For the medium to become more compelling, more attractive - we need data. Data that is representative of the market - we need the coverage

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