State of the Nation – DOOH Verification Q1 2022

SYDNEY– May 20, 2022thorndyke, the leading verification platform for digital out of home (DOOH) measurement, data and analytics, today released its State of the Nation – DOOH Verification Report for Q1 2022, analyzing media quality and insights from across the ANZ market. This is the first report of its kind that specifically looks at verification inside the DOOH environment and considers impressions delivered across the entire first quarter of 2022.

“We’ve seen DOOH spend coming roaring back following the last couple of years of lockdowns and restrictions following COVID. People are out and about and coming back into offices and we see that by the increased spend in OOH over the last few quarters” said Jason Cooper, MD at thorndyke. “This is the first time the market has seen a media quality and verification report for DOOH. These insights are important as it will help guide conversations with the media owners around delivery & accountability. And for brands and agencies, it serves as a guide when looking into media buying negotiation and campaign delivery; what to look out for, behaviours that are unique to the OOH and how to plan around them.”

Key findings from the report:

For the full State of the Nation verification report for DOOH download the full report here

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