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DSPs are expanding their platforms to allow programmatic buying of digital OOH. Specialist SSPs are also emerging who aggregate OOH supply that allow inventory to be bought and sold in a realtime auction. The pDOOH market is moving at lightening speed and accelerating the digitization of OOH.

Thorndyke is uniquely setup to verify and measure programmatic campaigns. By having our tag baked in at the creative level we’re able to independently measure every play and impression across any media owner.

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thorndyke is your independent verification partner for all DOOH campaigns

The team at thorndyke has years of experience building ad technology and verification products. And we’ve delivered solutions that solve problems in unique and challenging environments including native and mobile in-app. We love measurement, but more than that, building products that deliver empirical, evidence based metrics that help buyers make better buying decisions.

Our products deliver complete coverage & insight, that’s independent and reliable. thorndyke is your robust measurement partner for DOOH.

We are committed to minimising our carbon footprint, using renewable energy, minimising waste and doing our best as individuals.

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