Media Owner Diagnostics

As verification begins to take hold across the industry, accountability and transparency is becoming the norm. As a media owner, it's important to see data represented as the brand or agency sees it. This will provide insights into performance and lead to better yield through optimisation and ensure you’re across campaigns in real time.

Why thorndyke?

  • Baked in verification from an independent source
  • Centralize all campaign activity through one UI with metrics & data presented as theagency
  • Easy tag wrapping process that includes housing other 3rd party verification pixelsfrom within
    the same HTML container
  • Value add or lift rates by having verification included out of the box
  • Reduce friction and delays ‘agency side’ by controlling the end to end process; creative bundling inc. all 3rd party tags
Let's Get Started

thorndyke is your independent verification partner for all DOOH campaigns

Now is the time we should be pouncing on the digital planner/buyers with the big budgets - there’s no click or impression fraud, there’s no brand safety issues, there aren’t ad blockers and subscription models where ads are filtered out.

The macro challenge in OOH right now is measurement - independent measurement. For the medium to become more compelling, more attractive - we need data. Data that is representative of the market - we need the coverage

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